Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barely Broke Intellects Clothing Spring Release Party/ Backlot Boogie Sale

Dont Know This Dude But He Had Flows For the West.
Phatz Showing Off His New 24Seven Line.
Tha Realist Spitting That Real!!
Cam Wearing Our Not Filthy Rich But Barely Broke Tee in The Cipher.
Tha Realist Representing Barely Broke Clothing Rockin The Indigenous Struggle Tee Our First Artist
Our Booth After All The Sales.....Thank You To Everyone Who Came And Coped Some Tees And Supported The Movement
Aries Came Through And Showed Love One Of The Best Lyrical MCs I Have Ever Heard..
Noa James Representing Barely Broke Doing What He Does Best Ripping Mics .....Album Dropped Today Free Download Dont Miss That.....
Jalil Representing Barely Broke Intellects Skate Team!!!
Nine Grand Clothing Came Out To Show Love...
Phatz From 24Seven Clothing.......Dj cornBREEZE.......And Major Hype Clothing
The Barely Broke Intellects Clothing Crew....We Run Pretty Deep....Its A Movement Though What Do U Expect.
Name Brand Performing Live At The Event With A Live Band Vessal Vitale Performance Was Raw.
Zoris Apparel Was In The Building Killing Um With There 80s Inspired Designs.
Grimey Dynasty From Rialto First Time Meeting Them Seem Like Some Cool Cats.
Wes And Flo From Anenberg Clothing......They Show Us Mad love Shouts Out To Them And Everyone At Anenberg.

Overall The Spring 09 Was A Success Thank You To Everyone That Came Out To Support We Appreciate It A Lot Your Making Our Dreams Come Alive Slowly.

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