Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Denim

Former Evisu and Levi's Designer Mark Westmoreland has produced a jean for the truest of denim heads. An exclusive 100 pairs the feature details from the denim games most respected and oldest players including Levi's, Lee, Wrangler, and Boss of the Road. These 100 pairs will be available at five retailers worldwide and will surely cause any denim junkie to wet their pants.
US cotton is used to produced the One jean and is dyed and woven at a family run mill near Hiroshima. The denim is raw and will be expected to shrink about 10% if washed, but the jean has been made to accommodate the shrinkage, although any real denim connoisseur will tell you that the last thing they would do with a pair of great denim is wash them. To get them to distress just right requires months of wearing, usually without a single wash. Wallet imprints and brass knuckle impressions are just a few of the individual details that can be applied to hand crafted denim.

The details of these unique jeans can be found here and is definitely worth the read. There is nothing better than hand crafted excellence that showcases the designers eye for detail and the undying passion for their craft.

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