Thursday, February 24, 2011

Download - Nicky D's "L.O.S.T. In Location" Mixtape

As the title suggests, L.O.S.T. In Location is a 16 track story about a boy becoming a man. Standing for Love, Obstacles, Sanity, and Time, each of these words are exactly what has everyone lost in life. Taking inspiration from the movie Lost In Translation, D's flipped the title to exemplify being stuck between where one is at and where one wants to be in life (hence the location part). Love is the relationship aspect. Obstacles are the everyday challenges one must face. Sanity reflects whether one can remain sane and keep their composure while pursuing their dreams and being lost in location. Lastly, time heals everything and helps everything come to fruition.

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* Produced By Nicky D's
** Produced By Michael Uzowuru
*** Produced By Octopus Jones / KReam Team
**** Produced By DECA-1
***** Produced By Project Prospect

1. The Life And Times Of... *
2. Lord Willin **
3. Kill **** feat. Stevie Crooks
4. The Pressure **
5. One Funky Drummer ***
6. Lighters **
7. Hope They Watching * feat. Brandun DeShay, Carmine, & ev4n holt
8. Gold Lettering **
9. 96 Bulls *** feat. ev4n holt
10. Losers (Turn To Winners) *****
11. Clouds * feat. samuELZ
12. Lord Forgive Him **
13. Hello (All Aboard) ***
14. PDA (Set Sail) ***** feat. DREW!
15. Titanic (Relationshipwreck) ***
16. Call Me *


Top ***
feat. SK of ATG
96 Bulls ***
feat. ev4n holt (Chopped & JQ'd)

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