Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RIP Jonas Bevacqua (Founder Of LRG)

 When I turned 16 I remember buying my first LRG garment and fell in love with the brand ever since. Their creative twist on intellectual topics fueled me to want to start a brand and portray a message to the world. I spend most of all my high school lunch money and saving and buying LRG garments and was shocked on the impact it made on my style and life. After high school I researched the brand a little more in depth and found out who the owner was (Jonas Bevacqua) . I researched his interviews and way he spoke and it mirrored my exact view on fashion , it was scary how close we were alike. Jonas like myself both came from a family were his mother pushed him too follow his dream and never look back, as well as was once a DJ and a Valet attendant for years, As was I. The way he interpreted fashion and Streetwear was genius in my eyes in made perfect sense to me. The inspiration that he brought mixed with my love for fashion was the reason why I began BARELY BROKE INTELLECTS (BBi) . I will forever look at the this dude like a legend and remember him as the brand gets bigger and stronger, I feel like I lost a true friend even though i never met dude. Thank You R.I.P   #Lifted Research Group

 Here is some powerful interviews I will forever hold in my heart -


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