Saturday, July 2, 2011

Interview With Swagg Magazine

 We hit Melrose for our interview with Swagg Magazine, the interview actually came about at the DunkxChange, the owner of the magazine (Apple) came to the booth and instantly loved the brand and purchased a nice amount of pieces and invited us to do a feature a couple days after.
 Laying out the set up for the interview.
 The Infamous 'Bedrocks" were a favorite this season. Hand crafted cuts were what set it off in my opinion.
 We had a stylist just fresh from Memphis, Tennesse help out with the decor for the cover page of the article.

 Seen a dope LA lifestyle shot , so you know your boy had to get his photography on.
Darron getting his network on , shoutout to everyone at Swagg Magazine for having us.

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