Monday, November 21, 2011

Echo Touch Gloves for TouchScreen Use

You know the situation. You're outside, enjoying yourself on a rather chilly evening, your hands encased in warm knit gloves. Your cell-phone rings innocently, you pull it from your pocket and slide your finger across the lock screen. Nothing. You slide again, nothing. Alas, your gloves have failed you and you're forced to expose your precious hands to outside conditions.

The horror!

Okay, kind of dramatic, but I do HATE when that happens. If you're unsatisfied with the apparel industry's inability to keep up with technology, I've found the answer: Echo's Touch Gloves.

While there have been other touch-screen friendly gloves, I think Echo has executed them the best.

Echo's Touch gloves utilize Echo's own eLink fabric technology on each gloves index finger. The eLink fabric interacts with touch screen devices and eliminates the hassle of removing your gloves. Winning!

Check out the official Echo website for the complete collection.

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