Friday, November 25, 2011

Stevie Crooks "VLNS NVR DIE" Artwork & Track List

For the past few years, Stevie Crooks has been steadily making a name for himself in the music scene and has continued to release projects that showcase his incredible talent, passion, and growth.

On November 29th, Crooks will release VLNS NVR DIE to the welcoming arms of hip-hop fans throughout various communities. The artwork was once again perfected by Phil Mao and represents the majestic and powerful characteristics that comes with being a true villain.

1. Punishment
2. Darkside feat. Xavier - Produced by Zeniro
3. Material Girl
4. Grimey Couture
5. Tornado
6. NewYorkaFornia - Produced by Zeniro
7. The Crooklyn Bridge
8. Submarine
9. Gem Star
10. Streetshark
11. Empire Strikes Back
12. The Legend of Perseus
13. Therapy feat. Terrence F
14. Anti Hero - Produced by Kwesi of Keyed Up
15. Outro

Keep an eye on your timelines for VLNS NVR DIE.

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