Friday, December 23, 2011

"Fabrics Speak Words" A Collection By Rick Montano

    First and foremost I really want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and browsing through the Lookbook. I decided to do this particular project because I wanted to challenge my self to a difficult and creative assignment, as a fashion designer you should always push boundaries and keep your creative juices flowing on a consistent basis, I believe the title of a fashion designer is confused many times, this in itself is a whole other topic , I have always been fascinated with fabrics and Cut N Sew in general, being that at the moment we are perfecting and getting our 2012 seasons ready to go i found a little time to put together a project that was a 100% myself, Meaning Designed , sewed , styled , and with some help of a respectable and great photographer (Ryan Fulcher) shot . It was a LONG 3 weeks of keeping sheltered away from people and working day in and day out but it has finally been completed, it feels rewarding to know you can put together everything yourself I must say.

  This particular project I decided to entitle it "Fabrics Speak Words" I went with the title because of the intriguing stories that fabrics tell me when I look at them, some people would interpret it as a simple piece of cloth, I see it as a story , a piece of art. The fabrics that I used for this piece came together to tell a story. The First piece in which I call "Timeless Soldier" is a fatigue t-shirt with a 100% cotton "Clock" print Right pocket, if you put the two fabrics together it tells a story in itself without even saying a word hence the "Fabrics Speak Words" title. During the time i found the fabrics i read an article in the newspaper stating that President had retracted all the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and were set to return home before the end of the year, now another story arose in my head and in a bunch of other Americans heads i hope , and it was "It's About Time" so now finding the two fabrics gave more of a story to this, it came together so smooth i had to do this piece. I knew I had to dress this shirt as well so i decided to do a premium style beanie with the same print so I could utilize the roll of fabric to it's full potential. In addition to the matching trim on the beanie I got some gold plated pins to give it that finishing elegant touch.

 The Second piece also has a similar story how it came about, for this piece I used a Black pocket t-shirt and I added an addition pocket with the print and topped it with a handkerchief to add that prestigious flare. So it came together to be a double pocket that contrasted with a removable hank. The particular fabric had gold flakes with the picture of a Pharaoh, now this might sound weird but the Pharaoh isn't what initially drew me to this fabric it was the gold flakes it had , now that brings me to the similar story i mentioned from the other t-shirt , around the same time maybe a little before i had also read and seen the killing of the president or (Ruler) of Libya Muammar Gaddafi. It was crazy to see a powerful leader be overtaken by his people and really made me want to touch on the subject, i did a little research and found out that Gaddafi was one of the richest in "Gold" .  Then come to find out he was also planning to introduce a new Gold currency that would completely over throw the U.S dollar Hmmm ..... Anyway this really fueled me to name this piece "Gaddafi" being it is rich in gold and it has a powerful statement. I also matched the fabric to a headwear piece to create a nice outfit . Yeah it gets pretty deep but that's the power of a simple fabric. "Fabrics Speak Words"

 The Collection is available online as of Midnight tonight , it is very limited and will only be available online on get them while they are hot because they will never be produced again, those fabrics are long gone. Also included in This Collection is our very own "Respect My Conglomerate" Sweatpants, stay warm  This is my Christmas present to you all. I appreciate the continuous support from the bottom of my heart , Thank you

                                                                                                     -  Rick Montano


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  1. I love the Gadaffi part...he's a respectable leader but the news portray him as evil...hmmm.. indeed. Well done Rick