Sunday, January 15, 2012

ABSTRACT EVOLUTION: Currensy x Dom Kennedy

Dom performed right before Curren$y and led a phenomenal performance, I was able to meet him and he is honestly a very humble and down to earth individual.

This past Friday, we had the luxury to gain backstage access courtesy of Abstract Evolution to see Dom Kennedy and Currensy headline a phenomenal show. We brought along our media team to capture some awesome shots of the evening performance and we have a video soon to follow. Shout out to Black Cloud, Lay Low Ent, Airbone Intl, Stevie Crooks, and everyone else who we saw, spoke to, and laughed with. There was a lot of BBi garments present this evening, which is always good to see and fulfilling.

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Shot of DOM on the infamous couch
Someone handed Currensy some Concords to be autographed.
Currensy was reppin' Raiders, despite their inability to clutch a playoff berth.
Curren$y began his set on a couch, with what seemed to be random individuals.
Midway, Curren$y deemed it necessary to sit on the edge of the stage to roll one and engage his audience.

We also ran into our very talented good friend, and everyone's favorite villain, Mr. Stevie Crooks. He shared with us promising details of future endeavors that are definitely going to propel this creative monster to higher places. As always, we are 100% supportive of Stevie, and you can still get his latest tape by visiting,

Photos were taken by our very own Demetrius Thomas and Marcie aka @_superLOVE

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