Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Agenda Tradeshow

The first Tradeshow of the year took place this past week in Long Beach, CA. Agenda has definitely seen growth and it's level of creativity dilate. Rick and I set off late Friday afternoon to connect with some industry friends and gather an overall gist of the tradeshow's buyer traffic.

We parked on the adjacent parking lot to the convention center and were able to grasp a scenic tour of the convention center. As we took this following photo of the fountain, we came across this commemorative plaque that bore the infamous Free Mason Emblem.

We ran into our IMKING family, and they had some downtime to chop it up with us. Andy and Polo are always very welcoming and humble individuals, they are very huge inspirations and we are huge fans of the direction IMKING has been taking as of late. We also gave Chris one of our "Respect My Conglomerate" Tee and he provided very positive feedback, but couldn't be more real when he said he didn't like the last shirt we gave him. We also met up with our good friends at Orisue, Richard, Wally, and Armando. Always good vibes around this group of people and we are looking at linking up with Wally for a huge edition of Good Friday at Shark Club in the forthcoming weeks.

Also, we met the owner of Radii, Casey, who happens to be from Chino, CA, and is modest about his brands success. We plan on doing a feature on him real soon, so you can expect that coming very soon. Lastly, we got the opportunity to talk with Mega of Black Scale and we cannot help but commend how much a of a great person he is. I had told him I tweeted him how to dress up these Black Scale pants I had purchased, and he was so worried that he did not respond. He mentioned to us that he tries his best to get back to everyone.

We added in some other shots, one of the infamous Westside Water Tower, night time view of Long Beach, a random photo of a silhouette female with yitties, and some graf from featured artists at Agenda.

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