Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Common Ground of 2012

If there is anything we love, it's a good show and hanging with our peoples. This past Sunday, we had the delight of joining our Black Cloud and Inland Empire family as Tiron & Ayomari as well as Blu graced the Common Ground stage. The venue filled out pretty well and unfortunately, due to such, we were unable to qualm our hunger with "Noa James Fries". Our host Richard Wright kept the night lively, and we have a great collaboration in the works, which we can hopefully see fruition soon!

However, we were treated to a delightful performance by the openers such as Nicky D's and Terrence F. You can see Nicky D's in the pictures below as well as snap shot of his Concord's, which is relative to his latest release "From The Sole", which you can find through scrolling down the blog.

Next we had the ever so talented and villainous Stevie Crooks treat us to a galore of lyrical assault. Stevie never fails to impress and captivate with his stage presence, in fact, he even closed his set with a quick mosh pit that had everyone jarring by the hands of Noa James!

Curtis King also came to the stage and kept the event lively, solidifying why Curtis King should be at Paid Dues this year! Finally, Tiron and Ayomari joined us and delivered an awesome performance performing some of their hits off their latest album "Suckers For Pumps".

To close the night, we were treated to an eccentric performance by Blu and some random female. Without question, Blu is very talented and his performance wasn't what was expected, but last time we saw Blu, he was at Little Temple playing a set of songs from his computer. Overall, the night was great, the vibe was awesome (no pun intended), and we look forward to what other events are in place for the Inland Empire. In fact, you can see a clothing booth setup by yours truly in February, stay tuned for details!

Curtis doing what he knows best, being light skinned.
Nicky D's performing and you can look forward towards a BBi partnership soon.

Richard Wright was displaying the grown man shoe game.

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