Monday, January 16, 2012


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. celebration today, I have researched a wonderful video, which has been noted as his last speech he ever made. Once parsed, it is troubling to see King communicate to his followers his understanding that death is upon him. Yes, there have been many difficult days and I truthfully feel we are still in difficult times, without an effective and sound leader of the people.
Such a powerful man, taken way too soon, but fought with a vengeance for us to coexist. Here at BBi, we are very diverse in every way possible and we very much owe if not all, then most of it to this extraordinary man, enjoy your day and embrace the memory of King, as we all have some trait of King and the ability to be just as revolutionary.

"I am not worried about anything, I am not fearing any man, my eyes have seen the glory"

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