Friday, January 20, 2012

Metropolis II Kinetic Sculpture - Now at LACMA

I visited LACMA in late December and came across Metropolis II, an ingenious kinetic structure “modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city.”

The exhibition wasn't running when I was there, but as of January 14th the brilliant mini-metropolis is in action. Check out the video below and visit the gallery at the following times to view the sculpture in all its glory.

Opens January 14, 2012 Available for viewing:
Fridays: 12:30–2 pm; 3–4:30 pm; 5–6:30 pm; 7–8:30 pm
Weekends: 11:30–1:00 pm; 2–3:30 pm; 4–5:30 pm; 6–7:30 pm


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