Friday, January 20, 2012


tHis tHursday, we Had the opportunity to make it out to the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA, and catcH ScHoolboy Q perform some gems off his latest album, "Habits and Contradictions". All it took was a good reach out to A-Mack and we were escorted backstage to the green room, greeted with a cloud of smoke and Ab-Soul aka Black Lip Bastard power napping on the floor, wHile ScHoolboy was in tHe corner prepping for his performance. SHortly after we arrived, TDE Manager Dave arrived witH multiple boxes of wings, strips, and fries, but wHerever they were purcHased, the wings were on point!

We were tHen all led tHrougH a passage to the stage, and ScHoolboy Q went on to a very engaged audience. In fact, out in the crowd, we saw Derrick wHo Has been a Huge supporter from Santa Ana decked out in a Classic Hat, Respect tee, and BBi socks. As a token of appreciation, we provided Him with our brand new Spirit Beanie. Furthermore, the show was pretty sHaky due to some audio tecHnicalities, which frustrated A Mack and Dave a bit, but Q wasted no time busting out in acapellas and even jumping into tHe crowd. The nigHt ended witH us parting and bidding our TDE fam farewell. WitHout a doubt, Q is our favorite artist rigHt now and make sure you cop his album! Check some flicks from the show shot by Mr. Rick Montana.

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