Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Back Abbey Claremont

This past Friday before touched down at Abstract Evolutions Currensy x Dom Kennedy show at Fox Theater, we linked up with Nasty Nate at Ra-Pour (Restaurant Review Forthcoming). After a couple drinks, we headed to Back Abbey, located in Downtown Claremont. A very small, but comforting location. We ate outside on the lounge type couches and the waitress was quite flirty, but welcoming and very informative when it came to the menu. You literally need to ask what each item is on the menu is, but the food is favorable and it's a wonderful location to visit late to grab a drink or two and enjoy some burgers and fries! Check out the pictures below and definitely check out the Back Abbey when you get a chance!

The only word recognizable on this menu is Fries.
Ordered a full order of fries, which came with these 4 different dips. Ketchup, Mustard, and Horse Raddish dip?

Rick took to ordering a burger that contained apples and a side of salad.
I stuck to a nice cold beer, which had a Guiness meets Newcastle taste. I would like to note that their drink selection mirrors yardhouse, they have their own mixtures of beer, and a simple request to the waitress on preference and she will give you the most popular.

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