Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Upon leaving Agenda Tradeshow in Long Beach late Friday, we were denied food at the Taco Nazo and Fatburger trucks. However, while in line, we caught up with Peep Flow and not only discussed our overwhelming hunger, but also possible features on the brand, so be on the lookout for that.

Moreover, we were on a hunt and after some wine in the system, we felt a little more daring and decided to get to the source of this Taco Nazo hype and ventured out to El Monte. Despite the heavy traffic, we were lucky to make it late night into the heart of the city.

Rick's new year's resolution has him working out a lot more and eating a (whole) lot more, and he took it upon himself to eat very plush (sic). He ordered a Shrimp Cocktail, 2 Fish Tacos, and some Pineapple sizzurp, which tallied up to $16. The wait was not bad and after heavily inducing the cocktail with Tapatio, Rick devoured this fine construction along with the tacos. He had nothing but praise for the cocktail, but was a bit indifferent about the fish tacos. However, the Pineapple sizzurp was nothing but "fire".

As for myself, I tried to keep it simple and dropped the $6 on the Fish Taco Baja Special, which came with 2 Fish Tacos, Rice, and Beans, along with a Coke. The rice and beans were very authentic and had a rich taste, but the fish tacos were decent with the sauce and pico de gallo setup. Overall, it was a very decent meal, the Coke was outrageously delicious (Belizeans love coke), Salsa was not too hot, coming from someone who dislikes anything spicy, and the chips that came with the meal were decent. Marcie ended up meeting us Late, copped some fish tacos without any negative remarks, and off we were to Starbucks to finish talking some business.

You might remember our business partner Barty from our Barter's and Big Faces and Briefcases collection, he is going to help rate restaurants on a 1-5 scale:

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