Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shepard Fairey x Incase

Shepard Fairey and Incase collaborated on a capsule collection consisting of backpacks and laptop and smartphone covers. The pieces are broken down in to four themed mini-collections including Yen Red, Yen Black, Lotus Ornament, and Obey Elephant. 

From Fairey on the collection:
"The artworks that comprise my series for Incase all overtly or sublimely reflect the concept of Peace. Peace seems like a simple idea, but evidence of its fragility is far too visible. I believe peace, beauty, and harmony are not only related, but intertwined. Visual symbols of peace manifest similarly in many different cultures, transcending language and reminding us of the basic loves and needs we all have in common. Peace is a struggle, but whether the images are ornamental, hopeful, or cautionary, this series promotes harmony."
- Shepard Fairey

 via incase 

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