Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WESTSIDE Wednesday

Last week, Rick took the lead and threw some Westside Connection out there for viewing pleasures.  

Yet, with this one, I kind of wanted to not head too far back, and take it a little more North.  I first caught a glimpse of this movement in 2005, when I turned 18 and joined a group of friends in route to Tijuana's Club Revolution.  Later on in the evening this one song in particular song came on, and to my amaze I saw thousands and I mean thousands of people dancing uniquely. People were making ugly faces, gyrating, bouncing on the floor, and forming circles to display their dance moves.  We thought to ourselves "Get Stupid? Thizzle? Feelin Myself?" and literally had no clue as to what that meant.  Therefore, we asked a couple regulars and they were able to elaborate very concisely, "dance however your feeling, and just look stupid."  However, Mac Dre definitely said it the best:

"I come wit it, rappin and rhymin dancin, pantomimin, actin like im drivin then switch it up, dance like im fishin see in the bay area we dance a lil different The bay bounce to thizzle, the west coast wizzle do the get stupid, come fuck with Drizzle call the hospital, he's having convulsions no he's gettin stupid, in his load yokin Is the store still open? we need Heem, that Privelege thing...yadadamean? All in the throw like yee"

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